Arata Isozaki
Prof. Dr. Arata Isozaki

Professor für Architektur
Arata Isozaki & Associates, Tokio

17.01.2005, Re-calling DEMIURGOS
11.01.2005, Iconoclasm in the 21st Century
17.01.2005, Video-Vortrag: Re-calling DEMIURGOS

Curriculum vitae

Arata Isozaki was born in Oita, Kyushu, Japan in 1931. He studied under Kenso Tange at the University of Tokyo before becoming a member of Tange´s design team. In 1963 he established his own practice, Isozaki Arata & Associates in Tokio. Lecture at the University of Tokyo, UCLA, Harvard University, and Columbia University as a visiting professor and also judge in main international competitions. Also active in lectures, symposiums, architecture exhibitions, fine-arts exhibitions, and private exhibitions all around the world.


His work in the late 1960s was influenced by the Metabolism school, but mannerism is discernable in the exaggerated expression of the structural members. The joint Core System that he developed in 1960 was essential to the Metabolism movement and was influential to Tange, his former teacher.


His later works are mannered and self-conscious, borrowing from a spectrum of architectural influences. He appropriates design ideas from such diverse sources as the Vienna Secession, Marcel Cuchamp and Archigram.


Considered Tange´s successor as the leading creative figure in Japanese architecture, Isozaki is equally important as a writer and theorist. He consistently acts as the leading interpreter of outside trends and movements for other Japanese designers.


Representative Works: Oubun Prefecture Libray (1967), Expo festival open space and equipment design (1970), Gunma Museum of Modern Art (1978), Paris Autumn Art Festival / Time in Japan = "Space" Exhibition (1978), Tsukuba Center Building (1983), Nishiwaki Ichioka Noyama Art Museum (1984), MOCA / Los Angeles Modern Museum of Art (1986), Hara Museum Mark (1986), Mito Fine-arts Museum (1990), Barcelona Sports hall (1990), Team Disney Building (1990), Krakov Cultural Art Center (1994), Nagi-chou Modern Museum of Art (1994), La Coruna Human Science Museum (1995), Kyoto Concert Hall (1995), Okayama West Police Station (1997), Akiyoshidai International Art Village (1998), Nara 100-year Hall (1998), Shizuoka Art Center Convention (1998), etc.


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